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Once Z3 LIVE COMMERCE receives suggestions for companies that want to collaborate with us, we do our due diligence and put them through a thorough verification process in order to authenticate their legitimacy.

The process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Certificate of incorporation. This is to prove that the company has been legally registered.
  • VAT number. We check through the relevant tax authorities to prove existence and validity of the VAT number provided.
  • Control of creditworthines. We verify on 5 different credit rating softwares if our potential partners are not too indebted.
  • Identification of the representative. Z3 requires a copy of the National ID or Passport of the company’s director or representative. This should match the name on the corporate registration document.
  • Security of the website. The company needs to have an existing and secure website that has a web application firewall activated to prevent attacks and hacks. It should also follow website security best practices and has no configuration issues or known vulnerabilities such as viruses or any other malware.
  • Positive online presence. The company should have an active online status on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Instagram.
  • Contact details. Z3 LIVE COMMERCE requires the incoming company to provide a correct and active phone number and email address. This is then verified by calling the number and sending an email for confirmation. We also require an alternate phone number and email address. All these contact details should also appear on the company’s website.
  • Address. We check to verify whether the company has a physical address.

Once all the above checks out, the company is then confirmed and entered into a complex CRM software solution, CREDEMA.

Let’s collaborate

The purchase of services and products distributed by Z3 LIVE COMMERCE is reserved for companies that deal with the resale of IT products, consumer electronics, small and large household appliances such as

  • IT resellers
  • Home Appliances resellers
  • Manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Distributors
  • Software houses.

It is possible to become a Z3 LIVE COMMERCE Customer by registering via email, by sending the documentation to [email protected].