The collaboration with the best brands on the market allows us to offer you a very high-quality product at an affordable price.


We have the best prices to help boost your business.


Multi-brand distribution, with a wide range of measures that cover a large part of the needs demanded by the client.


Whatever your request, you will find one of our consultants who will follow you step by step even after the purchase.


Thanks to our logistics partners in multiple countries, in a few days we are able to deliver the goods wherever you are.


In our work, passion is fundamental, every new collaboration is a challenge for us to win.






BU RETAILER addresses the world of large-scale distribution.

Above all, Z3 LIVE COMMERCE is a distibutor of Technologies and Software. Therefore Z3 approaches the retail channel with the most appropriate skills. That is to say, we have specific experiences that lead us to better organize the sale of the products of multiple brands. Meanwhile, we distribute them in each single store, we bear in mind that the assortment of products must also be studied based on the demographic composition. In addition, we keep in sight lifestyles and purchasing behaviors of the area where the Point of Sale is located. Our sales structure made up of a capable sales accounts combined with the sales insiders guarantee customers an attentive service to every need. Hence, its flexibility, its continuous evolution of the processes and its constant search for opportunities and improvements make Z3 LIVE COMMERCE the perfect partner for the retail channel.

BU E-TAILER addresses companies specializing in online sales.

The E-tailers Business Unit was created to seize the opportunities and challenges that this expanding market offers. Accordingly,we dedicated a whole structure to guarantee every need of this particular sales channel. Our constant attention to market news and the quality of its offer, allows us to selects the best products generating a winning proposition. In fact, our consolidated partnership with brands and sellers enables us to enables us to fulfil your demands too. Our strengths for the E-tailers channel are the wide range of products and commodities, the constant updating, the dedicated stocks ready for delivery, the speed of order and shipping management, the integrated IT systems, the advanced logistics.

BU HOME APPLIANCE , through a specialized sales structure addresses the small household appliance market.

Z3 LIVE COMMERCE is also in the Home Appliances sector. In that respect, we created a new ad hoc division to distribute various specialized and high value-added brands nationwide. In this way, the profound knowledge of Retail distribution dynamics meets new commercial models. Z3 is riding the wave of change in the white goods and small appliances sector. To do this, Z3 LIVE COMMERCE by seizing the opportunities offered by some vendors who are approaching the market in a different way. This different way is from a direct local distribution model to an indirect and national model. Z3 LIVE COMMERCE is the protagonist of this trend. Vendors can count on a focused and specialized team on both the marketing and sales sides. The Home Appliances division of Z3 LIVE COMMERCE serves not only the classic GDO and GDS markets. It serves also many customers of the Brico, Discount and small household goods channels. All assisted by a widespread sales network in the area made up of agents, managers of the various geographical areas, key accounts, sales officers, and merchandisers, always operational. Z3 LIVE COMMERCE can count on an offer of both brands and product categories so broad and attractive that it is able to make the most of the resulting synergies and savings. The logistic structure represents the key to the success of a distributor of technologies and software. It is certainly a strategic variable of fundamental importance for Z3 LIVE COMMERCE which is able to offer customized services for the white goods and small household appliance sectors.



We distribute the best brands in the market to enable our customers who want to invest in technology with the aim of increasing their business using IT resources.


Our goal is to please the customer by following and supporting them in the various stages of the development of their project.
We simplify the phases of your work by improving the entire production process through our products.


The experience that Z3 LIVE COMMERCE staff has, and the continuous training of our team in the field allows us to satisfy our customers in all their requests. We’re a Distributor of Technologies and Software but also of guarantee and reliability.
We are a market leader in these sectors, where we boast a specialization and leading experience.
We are a constantly evolving company that is able to grow in tune with the changes in the market and to affirm its name in the sector of the distribution of information technology and technology products. A reliable and dynamic organization of multiple collaborators that involves human resources ready to offer, with passion, commercial expertise to our resellers.



Indeed, we want to be the best distributor of technologies and software. In order to fulfill our desire to be so, we make sure offer you the most up-to-date products at competitive prices. Moreover, Z3 LIVE COMMERCE work with the best brands in the IT landscape.
We have overall a wide range of products in the catalog to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customer.
If you need a performing machine, we are here to help you. We look for the best for you and deliver it to you in no time.
We have a wide range of hardware and software in our catalog to exploit all their potential.

istributor of Technologies and Software
istributor of Technologies and Software


You are important to us, our consultants offer a highly personalized consultancy and assistance service.
In an ever-changing market, we often hear about flexibility, speed, and control. These concepts are putting the “old generation” companies in crisis, based on complex architectures to manage and a source of constantly growing costs.
Choosing the most suitable solution is a decision-making process that requires an in-depth strategic analysis, a path that begins with identifying the objectives of your business and mapping your business needs.
In this perspective, the team at Z3 LIVE COMMERCE offers help  that will guide you in the study of a personalized strategy and the most effective methods to apply to your business model.


We at  Z3 LIVE COMMERCE are aware that time is money.
For this reason we have studied our logistics so that our customers can receive the goods in a very short time wherever they are in the world.
In fact, thanks to our logistics partners in multiple countries, we are able to reach even the most remote areas in just a few days.
Through a computer system we monitor stock levels in real time and track your shipment.
With the total ability to customize the logistic flow, we optimize management, location and transport times.
This for your company translates into a saving of economic resources and time.

Make us your distributor of software and technologies.

istributor of Technologies and Software



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